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President's Message May/June

Lynne WaiheeFrom Lynne Waihee

“Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer . . . .” I can still hear Nat King Cole singing on an LP I had as a teenager. I know. Nat who? Time flies. What can I say?

Even with the passing of time, however, one thing remains constant. Youngsters still look forward to summers. And why shouldn’t they? After getting up early every morning to get ready for school, being in school all day, doing homework, and engaging in a myriad of activities after school (playing soccer, taking violin lessons, attending swimming lessons, oh, and let’s not forget scraping gum off the desks for detention), what child wouldn’t look forward to a more relaxing schedule?

But summertime shouldn’t be merely a time of unplanned activities when children do whatever they feel like doing. No, a wise parent knows that it can be both an enriching and enjoyable time, and plans accordingly (see article by Liane Akana in this newsletter).

May I recommend reading The Plot Chickens by Mary Jane and Herm Auch,The Plot Chickens a delightful story about an aspiring author? In this cleverly written book, your child will learn all the rules of good writing—and how a book gets published. Perhaps your child can try his or her own hand at writing, complete with illustrations. Wouldn’t it be great to create an author of your child this summer? This may be the year the greatest story ever is written!

Or you may enjoy reading Max’s Words by Kate BanksMaxs Words, a story about a boy who collects words, as opposed to his brothers who collect stamps and coins. Perhaps you can encourage your child to collect words—amazing, fascinating, and rare ones—to share with other family members or friends. Find a beautiful container worthy of storing the precious words (or have your child create one), and help your child develop his or her vocabulary. By the end of summer, your keiki may be using words not even you know. Wouldn’t that make your day!

Happy reading!